Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some March Catch Up

Early in March, Mark and Dane got to go on the cub scout Polar Bear Campout.  They saw some beautiful woods, slept in a cabin with a snorer, and Dane made a paracord bracelet that he's worn every day since.

Sammy, Dane, and Jacob--All Tiger Cubs

Paracord Bracelet

I got to drive Iliana's carpool to Crew, and took the opportunity to spy on the kids a bit and take a hike. I'm really impressed by the size of the boats!  Learning to carry them and put them in the water is half the struggle for the new kids. The woods around here are gorgeous!

Carrying a crew "shell"

Another sign of spring

Mark took the scouts on their first actual backpacking trip.  They went to the C&O Canal, and whet their appetites for the bigger trip in April.  

Leaving after work means arriving and cooking in the dark.

Scoutmaster Mark and Star scout Drake

The IceBane Patrol

And the Tiger Cubs when on a Go See It to the Leesburg Today Newspaper. They had "Rex the Stinky Skunk" along because he was awarded to them this month for being an exemplary den.

Dane, Owen, and Spencer

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