Wednesday, March 26, 2014


When Ellie came home and said she might want to do crew, I said, "Cool!"  It always looked so romantic in the movies.  Slender boats gliding along glassy rivers. It turns out it's a little like ballet; there is a lot of hard work and athleticism going on behind that grace.

Ellie leaves for practice every weekday immediately after school (2:30) and gets back at 6:45.  Sometimes I'm the one driving the carpool.  Saturdays she leaves around 7:30 and gets back after noon.  It is a BIG commitment.

First, they've been doing tons of working out: running, rowing machines, exercises I've never heard of that combine jumping jacks, pushups, and a little more.  Then they had to learn how to carry the 65 foot long boat.  They they have to learn how to carry it down a steep hill to the dock and put it in the water in a coordinated manner.

Ellie's in the sea-green fleece and yellow backpack

Then they have to attach all the oars and learn to get in the boat at the same time without tipping it over.  I'm totally impressed.

That's Ellie with an oar
I tried to be sneaky and take these pictures of Iliana and her team.

Ellie is the third white t-shirt back

Sneaky because I didn't want to embarrass her.  I had a beautiful 3 mile hike in the process.  But it turns out that if you wear a bright coral shirt and carry a camera, you aren't being that sneaky.

This is Iliana's whole boat waving to me and yelling "Hi Iliana's Mom!"

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