Friday, May 23, 2014

Beautiful Weekend Part 2

On Saturday, we had planned to have an outing to the Claude Moore Colonial Farm's Spring Market Faire.  We didn't finish the car repairs and mowing in time, so we stopped in after church to enjoy the fun.

Dane did a little blacksmithing,

 The kids tried a primitive teeter totter,

Adelaide bought herself a bow and arrow,

And the kids participated in a  sack race.  Both kids did really well, but Dane won his "size group", then went on to win second in the finals.  You ought to see that kid hop!

 After we got home, Mark and Adelaide attempted to make Adelaide's signature dish (or signature joke) of Cheese Nugget Chicken Fries.  She made up this name when she was about four, but none of us have ever figured out what they actually are.  Now we've had some!

Brandt and Julie joined us for a fun dinner in the backyard.