Monday, May 19, 2014

A Beautiful Family Weekend

This weekend, the weather was Beautiful with a capital B.

Friday night, the storms cleared just in time for Dane to participate in his Pack's first annual Rocket Derby.  They made rockets out of 2-liter bottles and launched them with water and air pressure.

We've done this before, but just with a bicycle pump, and no aerodynamics.

 Dane drew flames and a roasting marshmallow on his nose-cone.

 When I've done this before, it was in hot weather wearing a swimsuit.  It was CHILLY that evening, and the poor leaders running the event were soaked.  The boys got a little wet too.

Dane's rocket was among the best flyers, and went up about 200 ft!

 It also did a beautiful lawn-dart into the grass both times.

Saturday started out with Drake playing his last season Lacrosse game.

That's him right in the middle.  He's number 2.  If you look closely, you can see the ball in the shadow on the ground right in front of him.

 Drake got some decent ball time this game.  That's him making a catch up above.

His team played a good game, but the other team had a last minute come-back and won.  It was hard not to be happy for them,  because the moms around me were so excited.  The opposing team hadn't won a single game the whole season, and this was their last.  They dog piled each other on the field.

Drake's team will get to play again in the playoffs in a  couple of weeks.