Friday, October 26, 2012

Stewed Slugs

Today, I accidentally made a great Halloween joke. I really made plum jam, but I have never made jam that came out such a hideous color.  The plums were little green ones off a shoot of my neighbor's tree that came up under our fence. We've made delicious jam out of the plums off the branches of their tree before, but I guess these were different.  I've been told they fruit trees that grow up from the roots are never as good a the tree they come from.  Usually the branches that bear good fruit are grafted into different rootstock.  So these were little and green.  They were like huge cherries to eat.  But they tasted so good, I decided to make jam anyway.

As I was stirring the pot, I couldn't help but think of those really young baby diapers.  *shiver*  These picture really hide the greenish mustard color of the jam.  It was so much worse in person.  And the few reddish peels look really bad too.

Anyway, despite the color, the jam is delicious.  As I was stirring, I started to think about my mother-in-law's huge halloween party coming up.  (Halloween is more important to Judy than Christmas.)  I think I'll take some jam, put it in a bowl, and add the can of "slugs" I bought in Oregon.  Do you think I can get my nieces and nephews to try it?  Yum, Yum, try some delicious stewed slugs.