Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Drake is a Star Scout

Last week we had a Court of Honor for Troop 1826.  Mark first got to praise the scouts that went on the Klondike Derby campout.  Mark says it's the wettest camping he's ever done.  The boys and everything they took with them was SOAKED.  The klondike sled race was pushing the sleds across wet grass and through mud puddles.  But Mark's troop did really well, and when all the scores of the race and the skills areas were totaled, the Troop earned second place!

Notice they all have green pants?  Good looking scouts.

The boys also got patched that night for helping on the Day of Service last September.  Dane had helped as a Tiger Cub, so he got a patch too.

Then the highlight of the night for us was Drake being awarded the rank of Star Scout!  Way to go Drake!  He is growing into a great young man.

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